Slow Fashion V Fast Fashion



Here are some facts, 


So this is the big question at hand, why choose slow fashion over fast?


What exactly is fast fashion and why is it so bad?


Fast fashion involves mass production of cheap, disposable clothing.The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world after the oil industry. A total of 80 billion garments are produced each year and we produce 400% more clothes than twenty years ago, that can’t be good right? 


Did you know that buying just one plain white cotton t shirt produces the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 56 kilometres; think of how far you can get with 56km, all that for a t shirt? With half a tonne of clothing dumped into landfill EVERY minute in Ireland. Yes, every minute!! Imagine filling a room with half a tonne of clothing every minute, it’s insane! The fast fashion world promotes quick production and even quicker disposal of poorly made clothes with many workers rights violated, with unfair wages and extremely uncomfortable working conditions. 


On average we only wear clothes 7 times before throwing them out, with slow fashion, we want to promote shopping in your wardrobe! Repeating outfits is not a crime, in fact it helps save the earth!


Slow fashion involves buying better quality garments that will last longer or why not shop vintage, secondhand or small companies that consider the processes and resources required to make ethical clothing. 


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Researched by; Abigail McDonnell