Behind the Scenes

The following ladies are all powerhouses who help the ATFL company be who it is and I couldn't be on this journey without them.


Nicole Mahoney - operations & logistics. Nicole is the power behind ATFL operations & logistics. Her job role in ATFL focuses on organizing the safe and efficient storage and distribution of all the ATFL products. Nicole makes sure that the right amount of products are sourced, printed and delivered in time for our bi- monthly drops. She makes sure each product is safely delivered to each customer, with love and care our products and customers deserve. This is not the first time we have worked together. Nicole is also the Manager of my Zero Waste Cafe Simply Green, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal. 
Nicole is just, if not more busier at home, she is a strong earth Momma to her beautiful daughter Erin. Myself and Nicole both have similar views on how we should treat ourselves, others and the planet and this is why she is another huge asset to this growing team of strong ladies!

Taralouise McCaughey - Customer Service. Taralouise is The ATFL customer service manager. Tara’s role is to interact and help all the wonderful ATFL customers with questions, product information, order tracking and very rarely complaints. Tara looks after all emails and messages coming into ATFL. She is the kog that keeps ATFL running smoothly online. Taralouise is also a mother of 3 young children and runs her own Media company, ZINC Media Agency. She strives to help small and start up businesses with their online needs, giving them a creative voice to push sales.  We have been friends for a few years now and we have a friendship and work relationship built on trust and respect. It never feels like work when we are together. Tara does always say how contagious my passion for life is and my work ethic and I must say I feel the same way about her. We inspire and motivate each other every day. If you’re looking for a passionate person to help your business grow, go check out her social pages and say hello.


Ann-Marie is our Graphic Designer for the new branding of ATFL, right down to our Thank You postcards in your parcels and our new A4 pads in collaboration with Aware Ireland.  She studied Art and Design in Limerick School of Art and Design and Visual Communications in Waterford Institute of Technology. She like all here at ATFL loves fashion, pastels and anything candy coloured! We’re all very alike in many ways! She also runs her own business since last year and I am so privileged to get to work with her. Check out her own business on Instagram @amdeadydesign.