Fiona Lily Mc Intyre holds a rich history in fashion, starting from the young age of 4, propped up on a tiny stool beside her grandmother Lily, a skilled dressmaker who operated throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Fiona vividly recalls soaking up her gran's magic of designing as well as her fascinating ways of transforming rolls of fabric into striking patterns and stunning dresses, all by hand. These treasured moments ignited Fiona’s love of clothing and were the first stepping stones into her fashion journey. Lily truly is the essence and the root of ATFL. To this day, Lily continues to have a massive imprint on Fiona’s life; Lily is Fiona’s middle name and noticeably holds a great place of pride within the brand.

Fiona followed her grandmother’s footsteps working in the fashion industry for over a decade. Before working in admired vintage stores, Fiona worked as a manager and visual merchandiser in fast fashion. The role was an eye-opening experience for Fiona as she witnessed first hand the vast amount of stock wastage taking place. Volumes of material were daily deemed unusable due to their minor flaws and therefore, destined for landfill. This unsettling insight sparked Fiona’s drive towards slow ethical fashion.  

Each ATFL collection is responsibly sourced, responsibly created and mirrors many of Lily’s authentic techniques. Fiona spends a significant amount of time working with Irish & UK warehouses obtaining end of line stock, saving it from landfill and giving the materials a new lease of life along with a happy ever after. 

‘’Are the materials not faulty?’’ I hear you ask, well this is where the magic happens! All pieces in the ATFL collections are honourably made to order and will stand the test of time. Dispatch for each order can take up to 14 working days as great care, consideration, and attention are poured into each item. Fiona works with her talented and valued team of Irish seamstresses who carefully mend the rescued materials. From there, Fiona creates the feel-good designs, individually handprints the products, and sends them off on their everlasting journeys. 

Fiona’s glimmering heart sits firmly on her sleeve. Through her empowering sustainable fashion line, Fiona is passionate about breaking down mental health barriers and with that, is never afraid of expressing rawness and vulnerability to her ATFL family. Over the last year and a half, Fiona has supported several charities that lie close to her heart including Pieta House, Aware and has most recently teamed up with Havin’ A Laugh where 10% of ATFL profits will go directly towards their life-enhancing support.

Mental health reform is a core value of ATFL as Fiona has personally experienced battles with anxiety and depression throughout her lifetime. Whilst navigating through hardship, challenges and life adjustments, Fiona listened to her inner compass and started joint CBT and Colour therapy sessions with her north star, her son Max.

Throughout the sessions, both Fiona & Max found great comfort in drawing, creating and everyday affirmations. Together, Fiona and Max learned the importance and power of colour and how each colour from the rainbow wheel can enhance our moods. Uplifting advice such as ‘’Be Kind’’ and ‘’Stay Hopeful’’ were just some of Fiona and Max's takeaways from the impactful sessions. The learnings later inspired the first ATFL collection drop and are always at the forefront of Fiona’s mind when creating designs and colour palettes for the energy shifting brand.

All Things Fiona Lily is so much more than an ethical clothing brand. It is family, it is a planet protector, a comforting community, a home of hope, support, self-care, and a haven for positive vibes, all built on the foundation of the purest love, a love that elevates to the moon & back. With sell-out stock drops, a buzzing self-love club, influential apparel collaborations & much more tucked up Fiona’s sustainable sleeve - the ATFL journey is just getting started, so hold on tight!

Welcome lovelies to the home of All Things Fiona Lily!