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Many people dream of taking a vacation. What if I told you that a weekend getaway is more than just a fun vacation, but is also beneficial to your health? Getting away for just a couple of days and taking some time for yourself is incredibly important. And here at ATFL, I’m a big fan of the weekend getaway.

Here’s why.

1. A Weekend Getaway Improves Mental Health

One of the most popular reasons that people take short weekend getaways is to refresh their mental health.

A recent survey I read in people aged 25 years and older, they gave four primary reasons to want to travel for the weekend. Forty-three percent of survey participants said they would go to escape stress, 39 percent wanted to escape the news, 38 percent wanted to escape the current political climate, and 24 percent said they wanted to escape social media.

Another good reason to get out is to boost your brain’s creative levels. A weekend trip can significantly improve your mental health by tamping down your stress levels, boosting your creativity levels, and lowering your worry levels.

Our prescription? A weekend, or a midweek escape, to this area known as Lough Mardal Lodge, Co Donegal. 

2. Quick Trips Improve Your Physical Health

Your physical health is just as important as your mental health. People who take vacations, even short weekend ones, typically have lower stress levels! ATFL getaways will include things like, walking/hiking, yoga, meditation, with reiki/massage treatments as extras. All activities are optional but I would encourage you to give all a go. Giving your physical and mental body some proper attention.  


 3. Vacations, Even Short, Help You Disconnect From Society

Another way to significantly lower your stress levels is to disconnect from society, and weekend getaways, especially here in Ireland, are a great way to do that.

People in today’s world are constantly on social media platforms, and taking a break from the digital world can help your brain recuperate from constantly processing information on a screen. Most workplaces utilize computer screens in order to communicate with coworkers, and stepping away from technology not only lets your eyes rest, but also makes you physically and mentally rest.

This is the same for taking breaks from being around people, as being around others all day every day can be mentally taxing. Taking some time to step away from the crowds allows your brain to stop thinking about other people and their needs, and focus on you and your needs.


4. Weekend Getaways are Cost Effective

Cost is usually a significant factor when it comes to planning a vacation.

Small vacations are not only easier to plan than longer ones but can cost far less. Because the cost is significantly lower, short trips are also much easier to save up for. These savings may mean that you can afford to take a few weekend trips per year, rather than only one big vacation.



5. Getaways Help Strengthen Your Relationships

Weekend getaways are also great for strengthening relationships with your loved ones.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is a common phrase when referring to being away from your partner. Taking a solo weekend getaway allows you to not only have time away from your partner, but also allows you to focus on yourself rather than anyone else.


6. Getaways Maximize Your Time with New Experiences

Stay-cations and mini-vacations to another town in your country give you the chance to experience things that you may not normally experience. Playing tourist in your own town, or even somewhere else in your own country, can be lots of fun.

Have you ever stayed in a Mongolian yurt? If not, a mini-vacation to somewhere like Lough Mardal, is a great place to stay for the first time, as Donegal is known for its stunning scenery and Lough Mardal is no exception.


 All details about our first ever ATFL GETAWAY will go live on my socials and website soon. 

Fiona Lily x