The Beauty of Opening Up

The beauty of opening up!
Hi friends! For those who don’t know me my name is Abigail (@alittlegail) and I am one of the most recent additions to the All Things Fiona Lily Ambassadors!
Joining this amazing group of girls has been such a blessing, it’s so amazing when you meet a group of people who you connect with immediately. I think having a deep connection with people is all down to being open. I have made so many lovely social media friends through instagram and the like just by being truly honest and open, free from the fear of judgement or fear of oversharing.
 Over the past few days I have been struggling a lot, I suffer with anxiety and depression so my mental wellbeing is often challenged and hard to deal with. However, opening up about my wellbeing and my feelings with the rest of my new ambassador family has really brought a lot of peace to my mind. Sharing what you’re feeling is a great way of allowing others to relate and can really eliminate the feeling or idea of being alone in your thoughts or sentiments. 
A lot of times we can bundle up our emotions or low moods and try to hide them away, try to avoid feeling so badly, but for me personally this only makes things worse!
 I find that when I acknowledge my low moods or anxious moments I can usually deal with things a lot better, I can simply say, ‘Okay Abigail, you’re feeling low today so you’re gonna take things a little slower than usual and put things in place to help look after yourself.’ I feel like acknowledging my feelings gives me more control over how I deal with them. I am no less of a person for opening up and saying I am not feeling great, in fact I am brave and I am strong for being vulnerable with myself!
I think it’s a very Irish thing to not talk about your feelings in case it makes anyone else feel uncomfortable, just sweep it under the rug sort of attitude, but who does that help? If we can safely share our feelings and also allow someone else to relate and feel less alone then I think we can all benefit from this! Talking about our mental health should be a normal conversation that is had daily, how are you today? No, how are you really?
For now, I’m going to take a little more time for myself, I’ve been feeling down but that’s okay, I’m not going to run away from my mood, I’ll acknowledge it, get on with my day and maybe share how I’m feeling with a friend.
Much love to you all and look after yourselves!
Love Abigail x x

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