Hi everyone it’s Aileen here! I hope you’re all feeling fresh, positive and transformed after last night’s full moon. I also hope you all got what you wanted in last night’s stock drop (I picked up the ‘Hello Moon’ crew - DELIGHTED!!!). Today I thought it would be fitting to talk all things MOON MAGIC - specifically my moon rituals that I carried out last night.
I’ve really felt the effects of last night’s moon all week, but I’ve also been feeling SUPER excited about the month ahead - I pulled three REALLY positive tarot cards when I was doing a reading on myself for the month of August so I was patiently waiting for last night’s full moon because full moon’s are the perfect time for manifesting, letting go of negativity and new beginnings.
In the days leading up to a full moon it’s so important to look after yourself, and check in with how you’re feeling. The moon affects us so greatly and it can be a heavy and emotional time for a lot of people. I like to take baths, spend time outside, declutter my bedroom and and start thinking of the month past, and month ahead - self reflection is KEY.
Full moon rituals are really important to me, and I really encourage you to try your own full moon ritual - it is such a rewarding experience. Last night I had a bath and then started into my ritual.
To release negative energy, I will write down on a sheet of paper everything I want to let go of, for example, ‘I let go of self-limiting belief’, and I burn it. Simple.
This is my first time burning sage as part of my full moon ritual, but it is definitely something I am going to keep up in the future. I saged my bedroom, my crystals, my cards and my journals. This helps release negative energy and cleanses your space, which is so important during a full moon.
The most important step in my full moon ritual (and nightly routine) is self reflection, setting intentions and manifesting. I like to write down everything positive I’ve felt in the days leading up to the full moon, then I will script and write mantras. I like to journal and script every night but during a full moon I will write what I want to manifest on a separate piece of paper, fold it up and place it outside under the moonlight, along with all my crystals to allow them to charge under the moon.
I love doing card readings during a full moon as I feel they are really accurate and always have an important message for me. I got new cards during the week which I was so excited to do a reading with!!! I also use tarot cards so I did a reading with both decks - I write down how the cards make me feel and what message I feel like they are trying to give me so I can look back over it. 
FINALLY, it’s time to let go of everything and leave it all up to the magic of the moon and the universe. 
So that’s my full moon ritual. Getting in touch with my spiritual side, and connecting with the moon and the universe has honestly transformed my life. With each full moon I feel more and more connected with the moon and every time I do my ritual I feel such a sense of ‘ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE’ - it’s like there is magic in the air. If you haven’t tried a full moon ritual before, I HIGHLY recommend trying it for the next full moon on the 2nd of September!!!

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