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For over a decade from my early twenties my passion and job was creating pretty visual images be it on wall in clothing stores where I worked as Visual Merchandiser or be it on my own clothing that I would paint, dye or draw on. I’ve always been crazy about clothing and how you can express yourself through what you wear.

Coming from a very eco conscious up bringing it wasn’t long till I started looking into the fashion industry I was then working in. Sadly my research and findings were not only devastating to me but also our planet. Within less than a year I had moved myself within the fashion industry from a well-paid VM job to working in the vintage clothing sector, learning where and how to locate stock, watching the team revamp old vintage finds into new modern day two pieces. I guess this idea of sourcing something that already existed stuck with me!

I used my contacts to source end of line or slightly faulty stock from several different warehouses here in Ireland that otherwise wouldn’t be used - saving the clothing from heading to landfill or worse!

Due to my own personal battles with mental health, anxiety and depression which I have suffered with throughout my life but even more so again in 2018 ( I had broken my back from a fall while competing at an equine event, my relationship to my fiancé shortly after had come to an end & I was suddenly on my own again with my then 6 year old son) to say life was tough is an understatement.

I began to research therapies for myself and my son and came across CBT & colour therapy and how colour can positively affect our mood levels. It is honestly the most fascinating course I’ve ever studied and made me the person I am today. I am by no means healed, but let’s just say it gave me colour, and a positive life force at a dark and difficult time. I’m smiling as I write this knowing that this incredible little brand came from such a challenging period that transformed me completely - now I want to share that magic with all of you...

The colour therapy lead me to sourcing only bright bold colours for my colour palette (which still didn’t have a name yet) and plastering them with even more positivity by printing positive slogans/words which were literally my mantras at that time!

How the name eventually came to be;

I was having lunch date with my mom and aunt in my cafe Simply Green and I was showing them the first images and drawings, they loved them and my mom said without thinking “you definitely got your fashion flare from your grandmother" her mom - “Lily” (also my middle name) who was a dressmaker back in the 40/50s - I adored my grandmother and her detailed sewing work she did, cutting patterns and watching her create her masterpieces was something that fascinated me as a very young child.

I knew my mom was right and that I needed to incorporate her into this now happy, bright, positive brand I was creating - “All Things” Fiona-Lily was born!

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Over the last few months our Ambassador group has grown into such an open, honest and supportive space for us all, without any judgement whatsoever. Which got me to thinking especially after receiving an overwhelming response to the Ambassador call out on Instagram and only being able to take a maximum of 10 ambassadors on three-month contracts, I want to develop and tribe like membership ATFL style!

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I love All Things Fiona-Lily because of the message behind the brand. I think it’s amazing that this brand saves end of line stock from going to landfills while also spreading positivity with the bright colours and happy quotes. 

Dearbhla Gallagher

I adore the brand all things fiona lily, particularly the crew neck jumpers. The softest material to keep you snug on the inside and beautiful colours and quotes which are so relevant and fitting. I adore everyting about this brand.

Sinead De Blogger

Highly recommend these sustainable clothes from All Things Fiona Lily for positive, comfy vibes!

Aine Organ


We’ve moved to our very own warehouse and office space - I actually can’t believe in such a short space of time my little home run business now has her very own official address. 


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